The sixty-sixth session of the Executive Council was held in Geneva from 18 to 27 June 2014.

Session documents and other materials will be remain on this site until the abridged final report (WMO-No. 1136) is published in all languages.  Please see links below for Arabic, Chinese, English, French Russian and Spanish.

المجلس التنفيذي - الدورة السادسة والستون: (EC-66)

执行理事会 - 第六十六次届会 (EC-66): 带决议案的最终节略报告 2014 (世界气象组织 (WMO), 1136)

Executive Council - Sixty-sixth session (EC-66): abridged final report with resolutions

Conseil exécutif - Soixante-sixième session (EC-66): rapport final abrégé, résolutions et recommandations

Исполнительный Совет - Шестьдесят шестая сессия (EC-66): Сокращенный окончательный отчет с резолюциями

Consejo Ejecutivo - sexagésima sexta reunión (EC-66) : Informe final abreviado con resoluciones (2014)


Session   Final        Title

No.          No.

2.3/1        1              Message to the International Civil Service Commission and the General Assembly of the Untied Nations

2.4/1        2              Regular Meetings of Presidents of Regional Associations

2.4/2        3              Coordination between regional associations and technical commissions

3.1/1        4              Outcomes of the first session of the Intergovernmental Board on Climate Services

4.1(1)/1    5              Implementation of the WMO Strategy for Service Delivery

4.1/3        6              Amendment to the Technical Regulations (WMO-No 49), Volume II – Meteorological Service for International Air                                       Navigation, and related guidance material

4.1/1        7              Report of the sixteenth session of the Commission for Agricultural Meteorology

4.2/1        8              WMO disaster risk reduction roadmap

4.4(4)       9              Review of the Global Climate Observing System Programme

4.4/5        10            Schedule of Consultative Meetings on High-level Policy on Satellite Matters

4.5(2)/1    11            Post-THORPEX activities

4.5(2)/2    12            High-Impact Weather Project

4.5(4)/1    13            Sand and Dust Storm Warning Advisory and Assessment System

4.6(1)/1    14            Guidance for the Education and Training Programme for 2016–2019

4.6(1)/2    15            Executive Council criteria for the recognition and reconfirmation of WMO Regional Training Centres

4.6(1)/3    16            Feasibility study for establishing a WMO Global Campus

4.6(1)/4    17            Terms of reference of the Executive Council Panel of Experts on Education and Training

4.6(1)/5    18            Status of Bet Dagan, Israel as a WMO Regional Training Centre

4.6(1)/6    19            Status of the Institute of Biometeorology, National Research Council, Florence, Italy as a WMO Regional Training                                    Centre

4.6(1)/7    20            Executive Council criteria for the award of WMO Fellowships

4.6(3)/1    21            Country profile database initial operating capability

4.8.3/1     22            Implementation of risk management

5.1/1        23            Financial statements of the World Meteorological Organization for the year 2013

5.1/2        24            Proposed revision to Resolution 31 (Cg-XIII) – Short-term borrowing authority

10/1         25            Review of previous resolutions of the Executive Council